7 Keys to Unlock Freedom, Purpose, and Abundance



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    Crypto Investing Made Easy
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    The MAGIC Meditation + Training
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    Consciousness Hacking Guide
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    Abundance Mastery Workbook
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    Module 2: The New Millionaire’s Companion Masterclass
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    Gordy’s Signature MEPS Training
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    Upgrade your thoughts guide

Since birth, we’ve been conditioned to believe that money is the ultimate scoreboard for success…

It’s time to deconstruct that old programming and pave a new path forward.

In setting our sole focus on growing our bank accounts and achieving material wealth, we’ve unknowingly driven ourselves straight into spiritual bankruptcy, sacrificing our health and happiness in the process.

By expanding our consciousness and learning to think our own thoughts, we can truly enjoy this glorious experience of being alive…


The New Millionaire’s Playbook.

Imagine a life where everything is possible and you are able to manifest your reality on your terms. Where your measurement of success is impact, not money. Health is wealth, and financial abundance flows as you live your purpose. Your time is your own, your relationships are harmonious, and you feel a sense of peace. You are moving mountains with little or no effort.

…This is the life that author Gordy Bal invites you on a journey to create in
The New Millionaire’s Playbook.

To guide and inspire you to unlock your innate power to think your own thoughts and form your own beliefs, The New Millionaire’s Playbook presents seven Keys that will help you:


With the power already inside you and these essential tools, you will have everything you need to tap into your unique purpose, unapologetically live your life with freedom, purpose, and abundance, and take ownership of your thoughts for a decisively fulfilling future as a New Millionaire.



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“Gordy Bal is a revolutionary thinker who doesn’t tell you what to think, but how to think. His message of raising human consciousness is deeply important for this time.”
Dr. Shefali
Conscious parenting expert and New York Times best-selling author of The Conscious Parent and The Awakened Family
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“Gordy Bal is one of those unique humans who can get to the core of who you are in just minutes through humour, honest questions, and deep insights.”

Dr. Gabor Maté
best-selling author of When the Body Says
No and In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts
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“Gordy Bal walks the walk and invites others on the path with him. This stuff is life-changing.”

Dave Asprey
founder of Upgrade Labs and four-time
New York Times best-selling author




I am the founder of CTR (Conscious Thought Revolution), an organization that redeploys capital and invests in disruptive technologies, entrepreneurs, and media to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness. For far too long, I was a walking cliché of a person who thought money could buy happiness. Despite having achieved business and material success, there were days I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. It was as though I had climbed the summit of a mountain and there was nothing but emptiness at the top.

In short, I was playing the Old Millionaire game.

I had a yearning for meaning, purpose, and joy, and was fortunate that I had the resources to embark on a decade-long journey to explore consciousness. I went all in, sparing no expense in terms of time, money, or soul to figure out what I was meant to do on planet Earth and how I could turn my frustration and hopelessness into love and joy.

The stars aligned when my journey led me to discover a small group of people who had cracked the code of living an amazing life. These individuals live to thrive rather than survive. Their work, which is connected to their purpose, creates freedom, sovereignty, and abundance. They are the New Millionaires.

And now, because these people let me into their world as a friend and business associate, they have helped me unlock the formula for living an amazing life, which I’ve chosen to share with you in The New Millionaire’s Playbook so you can do the same.

Now, let’s get to work creating a Conscious
Thought Revolution. Together…as New Millionaires.


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