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Resource 1

Children & Tech

Value - $99.95

Unplug as a family and learn how to alter you child's relationship with technology.

Resource 2

Crypto Investing Made Easy

Value - $149.95

Get into the game by learning the basics of this revolutionary way of moving money and information.

Resource 3

The MAGIC Meditation + Training

Value - $49.95

This seven-minute meditation is one of the most powerfully effective hacks Gordy uses to create magic.

Resource 4

Consciousness Hacking Guide

Value - $99.95

A daily guide to hack your consciousness and unlock the hidden power of your mind, reshape your reality, and ignite your true potential.

Resource 5

Abundance Mastery Workbook

Value - $299.95

A revolutionary program to unlock your full potential and manifest abundance in every area of your life.

Resource 6

Module 2: The New Millionaire's Companion Masterclass

Value - $299.95

Experience the definitive roadmap to mastering wealth strategies, cultivating an unwavering millionaire mindset, and reclaiming your true power with Gordy's transformative Masterclass.

Resource 7

Gordy's Signature MEPS Training

Value - $499.95

Discover the foundation of success as you unveil the power of optimizing your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual well-being.

Resource 8

Upgrade your thoughts guide

Value - $29.95

Learn the ways you can elevate your mindset to new heights and unlock the boundless potential of your thoughts.

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